homescapes mod apk

Homescapes mod apk

Homescapes mod stands out as a popular mobile game where players take on the role of Austin, the butler, in renovating his childhood home. As you progress through this engaging gaming experience, solve puzzles to gain stars and complete levels.

Homespaces APK Information

Size223 MB
Get It OnPlaystore
MOD InfoUnlimited stars & Coins
Last UpdateJanuary 17, 2024
Latest Version6.8.1

Are you fond of puzzle games and want to show your creative skills? Download the Home puzzle-solving game from our website. Homescapes is a game with decorating and furnishing rooms in the old Mansion, upgrading the kitchen, bedrooms, halls, and other rooms where you can creatively design the room with thousands of options. With freedom, you can create your dream house.

Introduction of Homescapes

The Homespcaes is a highly addictive puzzle and addictive game with more than 100 million downloads to the game. It was developed after the match-3 games. Gardenscapes were loved all around the world.

It was developed and launched by Playrix in 2016. With more than a 4.7 rating and 11 million reviews on the PlayStore, it is one of the best games for puzzle casual and match 3 games. This game tests your creative and decorative ideas for building the home and decorating with multiple options.

The storyline narrates the attempt of the game’s protagonist, Austin, the butler, who is to build his old Mansion, his childhood home. The latest version was released on December 17, 2024, for the Apple Store (IOS), Playstore (Android), and Windows. Homescapes follows the adventure of the main character, Austin, who returns to his childhood Mansion to restore it. He also convinced his parents not to sell the house and that he would upgrade this Mansion.

Homescapes Gameplay and Overview

Homescapes is one of the top-grossing games ever played, like Candy Crush, Gradenescapes, etc. This game is similar, but the sound and the storytime make this Homespcaes mod APK the best game for casuals and puzzles.

As I described, the main character, Austin, is building his Mansion, and players must help him build it. In this game, there is a to-do list where players can see what needs to be made, which can be tackled by solving match-3 puzzles. Some assignments include installing new stairs and restoring the statues, adding mats, petting a cat, etc, for each room, like the hall kitchen, bathroom, stairs, etc.

Competing for every puzzle level, players receive in-game currency [coins] and a star reward necessary to complete the task. The coins are then needed to buy lives and power-ups for the puzzles or to customize the Mansion with thousands of designs that players can choose for wallpapers, furniture, mats, and other decoration items in the game.

In the Homescapes Mod APK, you can build your own house with the help of these options with the help of your creativity and decorations. This game has multiple levels where the player can win the stars, but the difficulty levels increase as the story progresses. To simplify the game, we provide a mod with unlimited stars and coins, which you can use to buy various decorative items and boosters.

Note: If you are worried that there are not unlimited coins and stars, the mod here is applied as the stars and coins will not decrease; eventually, they will be unlimited.

Modes of Homescapes

Well, now we discussed the fascinating gameplay of the Homespaces mod APK, and we are going towards the modes of this game that will amaze you even more.
Modes of the game are the following:

  1. To-do list mode
  2. 3-Game puzzle mode 
  3. Solving mysteries mode

To-do list mode

In the Homescapes game, if you want to decorate the home using coins, the To-do list mode shows the current rooms (i.e., hall, kitchen, bedroom) and recommended things to build, upgrade, or change the decoration, for example, while we are in the hall it will show to upgrade the stairs, or the player is in study room it will lead to upgrading the cupboard colours with different styles and colours and most of the times at starting the things will be broken so players have to click on to-do list mode for upgrading or decorating the things.

Homescapes mod apk to do list mode

If a player’s coins are not as required for that build, players have to play the 3-game puzzle mode, where they can earn coins and stars to decorate their Mansion.

3-Game puzzle mode 

In the 3-game puzzle mode, players have to play level, which is a 3-game puzzle. After solving this puzzle, players will get coins and the stars, which can be used to decorate the Mansion.

This option is only shown when the user needs coins to buy things like mats, carpets & other decoration things for the Mansion.

Solving mysteries (Minigames)

In the game, multiple times, players can find the mysterious like shown in the image. We have to solve those mysteries and collect the coins. You can use those coins to build the Mansion for Austin (the story’s main character).

In the game, multiple times, players can find the mysterious like shown in the image. We have to solve those mysteries and collect the coins. You can use those coins to build the Mansion for Austin (the story’s main character).

Features of Homescapes MOD APK

The main objective of this fascinating game is to Decorate and upgrade the old Mansion using coins and stars with thousands of decorating options.

Still, in the Google Play Store, players must manually play each level to unlock features like coins and stars. But in Homescapes Mod, players will get unlimited coins and stars to decorate their Mansion.

Features of the Homescapes MOD APK are as follows:

  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited coins
  • Ad-free experience

Unlimited Stars:-

The stars are essential in-app currency for the game, i.e., for buying lives and power-ups for the game. So, in the Homescapes Mod app, players will get unlimited coins, which will not decrease or become less after purchasing any decorative items.

We have added a mod menu so players can find unlimited stars in the game, which will make you all. There is no need to wait days for power-ups and to play 3-game puzzles easily with unlimited coins; you can instantly purchase every item in the decorations and house development.

Unlimited coins:-

Unlimited coins are required to purchase in-app currency for the Homecapes as the title suggests it has unlimited coins from which users can have unlimited lives and power-ups.

With unlimited money, users can play non-stop without waiting to get a life and play the 3-game puzzle for the coins. With unlimited money, users can play as much as they can with non-stop ad breaks, which might help you build your Mansion faster and easier.

No Ads:-

Play Homescapes without the ads. Ads are present in the standard version of the game, but the good news is that in the Homespaces mod, you no longer have to watch the ads or pop-up ads.

We all know how mobile ads are irritating and disturbing the gaming experience of the game, so we removed each advertisement from the app so you guys can play without disturbance.

We assure you you will be at peace after downloading from our site.

How to download Homescapes Mod apk

homescapes mod apk download [unlimited coins and stars]

The Homescapes gameplay offers house decoration with unique features like unlimited coins and stars. However, the Google Play Store will not let you download the game’s MOD.

Our website and app are safe and secure from malware and viruses, so don’t worry about malware and viruses. We constantly check on the Virus total before uploading something on our site. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the download button and play!

Step 1: Click the download button above, and the Homescapes MOD APK will start downloading.

Step 2: After that, you will see the warning from the browser. Click on permission and then click on “Allow install unknown apps.” Then, it will download the app to your smartphone.

Step 3: After installation, click on the APK file, select the install option, and install the APK.

Step 4: Now, you can successfully play the Homescapes mod app on your phone with unlimited coins and stars.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on download and start playing the Homescapes MOD APK with unlimited everything.

Infographics for Downloading Homescapes MOD APK

Infographics for Downloading Homescapes MOD APK

Download Homescapes for PC

Homescapes generally do not support the PC version or other versions. If you want to play this game on a PC or laptop, you have to download emulators that work as virtual Android systems for the PC so users can install the applications and game and play on the PC.
If you want to play Homescapes for PC, click the Download Button below.

Reviews for Homescapes mod apk


I like this game, but Mini games are AWESOME!!! I wouldn’t say I like Merge One. This last, making a farm is interesting, but I need more time to finish it. We need more time for games like this. It looks great, and it’s a pity I never see the whole land. Your Design Team is doing a great job!!! Overall, we need more time for these mini-games, not just two weeks!!!


I had this game a few years ago but fell out of it and deleted it for space. I decided to try it again, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than before! Puzzles between levels, new animations, and the original dialogue add that slight kick of nostalgia. I am so glad I got this game again.


I want you to have a more significant level-creating team because the Tournament of Champions is excellent. But the game progression is more complex when you only play 30 levels at a time now. And it’s automatically in that perfect but super-hard Tournament. The game is globally supported to have 100 levels at least created before that game mode. Thanks.

People Also Ask

How do you install the Homescapes mod app?

The answer is already given in the How to Install section. You can get the information from there.

Is Homescapes mod APK safe/legit?

Yes. The Homescapes mod app is safe from the malware and viruses we have scanned using Virtrustotal.

Why can’t I install the Homescapes mod app?

u003cstrongu003eThe original version of the Homescapes u003c/strongu003eApp needs to be uninstalled first because it has a conflicting signature with the modified version from our site. Then, you should permit [permisison] the installation of unknown resources on your Android device.

Are the stars and coins unlimited in Homescapes MOD APK?

Yes. The Homescape mod app has unlimited stars and coins while playing the game.

Can Homescapes be played while the phone is in Aeroplane mode?

Yes. The Homescape app can be played while the phone is in Aeroplane mode.


We have reached the end of the Article. I hope you have grasped all the information required for the Homescapes MOD APK Download. Homescapes is one of the best 3-game puzzle, casual, and addictive games to help you build a Mansion using multiple decorative items and things. The Homescapes MOD APK has unlimited coins and stars for playing the game. Playing Homescapes can help with your creative and decorative skills.

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